How We Operate

      Window Cleaning  

  • Once you are a customer we will send you an email at least 7 days prior to cleaning your windows.  This will give you the chance to contact us if its not convenient.
  • All windows, sills and doors will be cleaned as agreed.  Please make sure that we have access where required and all windows are closed before we attend.
  • We use the latest reach and wash system using purified water ensuring your windows are left clean and sparkling.
  • Unless you have paid by cash on the day, payment will be taken by go cardless within 3 to 5 working days.

Gutter Clearing and Gutter Cleaning Services

  • We use a vacuum with an extended hose to clear your gutters. We will examine the gutters using a camera before and after they are cleared to ensure all dirt and blockages have been removed.
  • If you have requested a gutter clean we will use our reach and wash system using a different brush to clean your gutters so they are looking like new again.  
  • Please ensure we have access to clear and clean your gutters.

Driveway Cleaning

  • We use a High powered pressure washer to ensure maximum penetration of dirt, grime and stains on your drive.  
  • All pots, obstacles etc should be moved prior to the driveway cleaning.  We will make every effort to protect plants and fixed obstacles, but you may wish to cover any areas you are concerned about.  
  • There will be an initial pre wash then a deep clean and then a finish clean. We will then spray an effective weed killer to ensure no weeds penetrate the drive.  If you require your block paving cleaning once the path is dry we will cover and brush dry kiln sand over the path.  Please note we will need to leave the path to dry before applying the sand.
  • If you have requested sealant, then we will apply Europe’s No1 leading product for sealant, supplied by Resiblock to your drive.  This will ensure your drive is protected with a no oil stain guarantee. For more information click here


  • We collect regular payments via GOCARDLESS.  Once set up this will save you from having to make payments after each clean.  The system will take payments about 5 to 7 days after your clean.  If we don’t clean your windows then you don’t get charged.  This is not a monthly Direct Debit.  If you prefer you can also pay by cash.
  • For non regular payments then cash or bank transfer can also be used.

                General Information  

  1.  All driveway cleaning is charged at a square metre rate to include a price for, wash only, washing and sanding or washing, sanding and sealing.  The rates will be confirmed during your quotation. 
    If the drive is large i.e. over 100 square metres, then discounted rates will apply.  
    If you have a shared drive then discounted rates will also apply if the joint owners both have the drive cleaning at the same time.
  2.  Any gutter cleaning will be charged on a per metre basis.  There may also be an additional charge should there be excessive debris in the gutters.  This will be discussed during the quotation.
  3.  Window cleaning will include the cleaning of windows, sills, frames and doors.  The rate will be dependent upon the size of the property.  The current offer of gutters cleared free of charge, is dependent on agreeing to undergo at least 5 further window cleans over your specified time period. Six window cleans will therefore need to be undertaken before this can be stopped.
  4.  Solar panel cleaning rates will be charged per solar panel. Discounted rates may be given where there are a large number of solar panels.  Conversely additional rates may be charged for extra-large panels and also panels that have a considerable amount of debris on them.
  5.  Caravan cleaning will be charged per caravan based upon its size.  If the caravan is off site then permission and access will be required to the site in order to undertake the work.
  6.  The 20% discount on the first clean for new customers is available for all cleaning shown above.  It will only cover new customers and will only cover the first clean of the above items.

Should you have any queries over any of the above terms and conditions then please contact Waterworx Cleaning Services at