Maintenance program

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Maintenance Program

Save time, energy & money and keep your driveway, patio and paths clean all year round with our maintenance program.

Save time, Energy & Money with

Our Maintenance Program

Why waste time, energy & money

Have you noticed how your drive, patio and paths become dirty again – and shockingly fast – after they've been jet washed? And did you feel that jet washing was a waste of your time, energy and money?

No more jest washing

The “dirt” you see on exterior surfaces is actually not dirt at all but a cocktail of algae, lichen, fungi, moss or mould. And jet washing cannot remove the spores of these growths, which rapidly recolonise.

This is the reason you'll notice your property becoming "dirty" again soon after it's been jet washed.

The good news...

Water Worx is here to help!

Our products solves the re-colonisation problem of jet washing by neutralising the spores through the cleaning method we call “soft washing”.

Benefits of this program

This is really good news for you ... because for the most part the need to jet wash your drive, patio, paths (as well as garden walls, wood decking and wood sheds) will soon be consigned to history.

We will initially clean your drive and then put down our products 3 times a year which will keep your driveway, patio and paths clean all year round.

About us

Water Worx is a family run business based in Walton on Trent, Swadlincote. We offer our external cleaning services to both domestic and commercial customers, providing a professional quality cleaning service to all our clients large or small.

Our professional services include window cleaning and conservatory cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning and roof restoration, render cleaning, soft washing, gutter cleaning and minor gutter repairs.

We use a pure water system thereby providing a sparkling finish to your windows and conservatories. All our work is carried out by our uniformed team who take pride in their work.

We offer free quotations with easy payment options and no contract. To learn more about how we operate, click here.

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